Norwood Paragon Highlights May-June

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NPCC Results Highlights May- June 2016

Despite the lack of regular reports over the last few weeks, hopefully some of you have seen the results some and commentary on facebook plus the separate reports from Roise Lethbridge the Paragon Development Young Rider who has excelled in recent races. Here are a few highlights for you.

There have been strong rides on road and off road with James Stuart and Austyn both getting wins at Dunsfold Vets Series and James is currently leading the Dunsfold Vets Series. Rosie got a fantastic 3rd place in the SE Regional Road Champs and followed this up with a win in the Central Region Crit Champs (see separate reports).

Off road the Paragon Vets cruised to a podium finish at Bristol Bike Fest lead by team captain Dave Mascall and against the clock James Stuart scored a new PB of 53.55 for a 25TT whilst Adrian did a very impressive 21.11 for a 10.

In the last week alone the Paragon has had 3 wins in fact including Rosie at Hillingdon, James at Dunsfold and of course the club victory in the Interclub TT vs Dorking CC.



Dunsfold Vets, Rd 1

40-49 (MC/D/E)

1 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon

3 James Stuart Norwood Paragon

50+ (MF/G/H)

1 C Hewitt Sussex Revolutions

10 Duncan Murdoch Norwood Paragon


South East Divisional Road Race Champs, Handcross

1 L Cameron Drops Cycling

3 Rosie Lethbridge Norwood Paragon


Ritchey Bike Fest 12hr MTB Enduro, Bristol. Vets Category

1 Team Chaos

3 Norwood Paragon Mascall, Ffoulkes, Dinning & Brueton

Redmon CC 25m TT, Bentley H25/8

1 T Pettinger Sri Chimnoy 49:11

7 James Stuart Norwood Paragon 53:55 (PB)


Team Swift 10m TT

1 F Rounds Boneshakers RRT 19:27

16 Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon 21:11

Dunsfold Vets, Rd 7

40-49 (MC/D/E)

1 S Calland Southdowns Bikes

2 James Stuart Norwood Paragon

5 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon

50+ (MF/G/H)

1 D Larcombe Pedal Heaven

13 Duncan Murdoch Norwood Paragon


Central Division Criterium Championships, Hillingdon

1 Rosie Lethbridge Norwood Paragon


Dunsfold Vets, Rd 8

40-49 (MC/D/E)

1 James Stuart Norwood Paragon

13 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon

50+ (MF/G/H)

1 C Wilson VC Meudon

8 Duncan Murdoch Norwood Paragon

Dunsfold Series latest overall standings 22/06/16

40-49 (MC/D/E)

1 James Stuart Norwood Paragon

5 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon

50+ (MF/G/H)

1 P James Crawley Wheelers

12 Duncan Murdoch Norwood Paragon

25 Jon Masters Norwood Paragon

Norwood Paragon vs Dorking CC Intercub TT – Newdigate Circuit

1 Norwood Paragon

2 Dorking CC

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