Great Result at Great Cressingham Road Race

Created by Marcus Brueton at 2016-07-25 15:44:25

Great Cressingham Road Race

After an early morning start and long drive up to Norwich I took the bike out of the car, ate, prepped and took myself to the sign-up sheet where I also scoped out the competition and who I thought would be the ‘danger women’. A number of teams showed up in full force, in particular CC London who finished with 3 of their riders in the final top 5.

The course proved to be fairly flat with only a couple of short ramps and one slightly longer ramp, it was here that I thought I would be able to gain an advantage but these ramps proved to be too narrow and not long enough to cause any damage. However, out of the whole field (22) there seemed to be a break of about 12-15 riders (I think). Due to the narrowness of the course I wanted to ensure that I was never in any danger or trouble and stuck to the front of the group, here I was also able to mark any attacks. During the second lap I was in a good position and was talking to a few of the stronger riders, who I knew, and asking if they fancied giving an attack and where and when we should go, we decided on the next lap, following the prime lap, on one of the rises. As the prime lap came around I found myself third wheel following the two 5th Floor riders (Aoife and Sophie), Sophie was leading Aoife out and I realised I was in with a shot and excelled past Aoife and managed to win the sprint for the Prime lap, something I hadn’t focused on winning for the race – bonus! As I approached the planned attack on the short rise the rider who I planned an attack with was nowhere to be found, looking back I should have just attacked solo to see if anyone would join me.

Throughout the final few laps of the race Molly Patch of CC London proved very combative and attempted many attacks, at the front I was alert to these and never wanted her to get away, at one point I was at the middle of the bunch and no-one looked to bridge so myself, Sophie and Aoife (5th Floor) took it upon ourselves to manoeuvre out of the bunch promptly and shut this down. We bridged over and had been joined by a couple of other riders.

Approaching the finish line seemed to cause panic amongst the bunch as the road cut off from the original course became very narrow and as uphill, I was grateful that I had been aggressive in keeping my positioning at the front, as I heard a crash occur just behind. Although at the front I was at the left hand-side of the road and saw daylight ahead of me until I saw a CC London lead out on the right-hand side and Francesca Cutts (CC London) accelerated ahead and took the win, I came over the line in second and Molly Patch (CC London) in third.

Another good race with a good field, I’ll be hunting for that top spot in Paragon colours again soon!

Thanks to VC Norwich for organising a super event.

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