Herne Hill Track Vets League – snapshot from 23rd July

Created by Marcus Brueton at 2016-08-10 11:38:17

Herne Hill Track Vets League – snapshot from 23rd July

Jon Masters and Duncan Murdoch have been flying the flag for the Paragon at Herne Hill track with some great results this season. Here are details of just one of those track days in July.

On 23rd July Duncan and Jon rode the track - the As and Bs were combined giving a field of 20, and 30 for the Cs.

Duncan came 4th in the warm up race, and qualified for the Derny Final where he came 2nd whilst Jon was second in the minor final.

In the reverse win-out Jon came 6th and 2nd overall in the B’s and Duncan again came 2nd. The unknown distance was raced over 20 laps with a 5 lap board going up. Jon sprinted with 3 laps to go and was only caught by Carlos the leading A rider with half a lap to go, and then by Duncan and another couple of A riders. So Duncan came 2nd again, and Jon came 5th and was the leading B rider.

At the end of the evening Duncan came second overall in the As and Jon second overall in the Bs, and in the series to date Duncan lies 2nd in the As and Jon 5th in the Bs.


The series will soon be ending and I will give you an update on the overall – rumour has it that it’s technically possible for Duncan to win the series but he would need all of his competition to be ill or DNF on the final day’s racing!

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