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Redhill CC 18 mile ‘Sporting’ Time Trial

Redhill CC 18 mile ‘Sporting’ Time Trial
27th February 2022

Late February and four of our riders bravely lined up for an early test around the Surrey Hills. Pre-event chat on our Testers Whatsapp group covered off ice, bike lights, aero, non-aero and general concern of trying to ride hard outside. The event organiser set our riders off within a few minutes of each other which meant good banter at the start line. Colin was on his road bike and with his legs exposed he clearly meant business. The rest of us donned longs, with Chris in full stealth black kit. The first mile heading west on the A25 out of Westcott went downhill initially then horribly uphill to Wotton which got the heart racing so much that Stephen chose to stop and adjust his gears. The rest of the course was up, down, head wind, tail wind, rough roads and general pain that comes from riding hard early season on a cold day.

Key output was our riders got round the course safely with no mishaps with Chris doing very well and the rest running themselves in gently to the season ahead.

Thanks to Redhill CC for putting on a great event on a course which needed quite a few marshalls. The HQ facilties were the height of comfort, as shown in the attached post race picture.

1st Paul Burton (Paceline RT) 00:41:36
8th Chris Moores (Norwood Paragon CC) 00:45:35
15th Peter Owen (Norwood Paragon CC) 00:56:40
17th Stephen Roach (Norwood Paragon CC) 00:56:45
18th Colin Gray (Norwood Paragon CC) 00:57:05

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