Sullivan takes final evening TT, Masters and Sara-aho overall winners

Created by Simon Smythe at 2017-08-09 12:55:32

Dan Sullivan was fastest in the last event of the evening time trial series.

On an unseasonably cold and dark evening Sullivan clocked 28.50, seven seconds faster than Adrian Blacker and 25 seconds ahead of Jon Masters and Duncan Murdoch, who rode an impromptu two-up.

Jackie Sara-aho finished in 33.27 for the maximum 10 points, while Jennie Murdoch was forced to stop several times with chain problems but still crossed the line for the eight points.

Jon Masters and Jackie Sara-aho are the overall winners – congratulations to them.


1. Dan Sullivan 28.50

2. Adrian Blacker 28.57

3. Colin Gray 32.24


1. Jackie Sara-aho 33.27

2. Jennie Murdoch 41.30


Jon Masters/Duncan Murdoch 29.15

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