Norwood Paragon's new race team launched

Created by Michelle Arthurs Brennan at 2018-10-23 17:58:17


Norwood Paragon has teamed up with Maison du Vélo (MDV) and In-Gear bike shops to launch a brand new outfit: 1904 Race Team.

We'll have a men’s and women’s team. Austyn Tusler is taking on the management role, with Michelle Arthurs-Brennan leading the women's team and Tim Bishop of MDV heading up the men.

The squads will be made up of existing Paragon riders as well as MDV's racers, but there’s space for a few more to join too.

Riders will wear Hosté kit and receive discounts at Maison du Vélo and In-Gear (now under the same ownership) - on products, servicing, and bike fit.

This is a progression of the women's team and development rider's programme. Select race entries will be paid for and coached sessions provided.

We want the new riders recruited to become a part of the fabric of the club, and we're planning a joint group training camp in Spain for March.

Target races will be Team Series and select National Series (women), National B and Surrey League (men).

1904RT will be registered as a standalone race team but we’d like all riders to join Norwood Paragon too.

Interested riders should email a short bio to michelle.arthurs@gmail.com (women) or timcpb@hotmail.com (men).

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