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The Norwood Paragon was founded in 1904 to promote and encourage all areas of cyclesport. The club has a rich history of racing both on the road and track with current emphasis on road racing, TTs and MTB racing

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2021 Norwood Paragon V Addiscombe interclub

Date: July 27, 2021
Place: Bletchingley, Surrey
Course: GS/334
Distance: 10.6 miles

Never mind City V United, Liverpool V Everton or Bjorg V McEnroe. The rivalry between the Norwood Paragon and Addiscombe CC trumps them all. These two clubs have been racing against each other, and riding with each other, for almost 100 years. Every year the two former Croydon based clubs meet on the Bletchingley TT course in Surrey for an interclub TT over a testing 10.6 mile circuit. Bragging rights and pride are on the line, while drinks are enjoyed in the pub afterwards.

In 2021 Norwood Paragon were clear winners with a combined (six fastest riders) time of 169.44 mins against 171.33 mins. Chris Moores (NPCC) was the fastest on the night with a 26.30 minute time.

Results: 2021 NPCC V Addiscombe interclub TT

Norwood Paragon 
Six fastest riders
Chris Moores 26.30min
Simon Richardson 27.51min
Marcus Brueton 28.17
Nigel Carpenter 28.53
Darren Peachey 28.54
Simon Smythe 29.19

Combined time: 169.44

Addiscombe CC
Six fastest riders
Jim Burdett 27.37
Robert Drake 28.03
Paul Hone 28.40
Simon Pontin 29.00
Ian Bray 29.06
Ben Keilty 29.07

Combined time: 171.33

In all 20 riders competed on the night, 11 from ACC and 9 from NPCC. There was one DNF.

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