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The Norwood Paragon was founded in 1904 to promote and encourage all areas of cyclesport. The club has a rich history of racing both on the road and track with current emphasis on road racing, TTs and MTB racing

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Southern Counties TT

Southern Counties sporting TT
13 March 2022
21 miles, Bletchingley (GS/344 course)

Paragon riders were racing again at the weekend, taking on the Southern Counties event on the local Bletchingley circuit. Stephen Roach, Peter Owen and Simon Richardson took on two laps of the undulating ten mile TT course on a wintery Sunday morning, battling a cold southerly wind, damp roads and a few potholes.

Simon ran out fastest of our three riders, but himself was well behind the time of the winner Mark Smith of the Crawley Wheelers. Ducking under 27 minutes around this circuit is a good ride on a warm, fast summers day, so to do it twice on a cold windy day is extremely good riding. Even if the top riders were kitted out with full TT rigs and optimised aero positions their times were very impressive.

Our riders will be out again in the coming week’s as the early season sporting TT’s continue.

1. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers) 52.21
2. Steven Kane (Team TMC) 52.49
3. Nik Allen (Team TMC) 53.06
7. Simon Richardson (Norwood Paragon) 1:00.12
9. Peter Owen (Norwood Paragon) 1:09.18
10. Stephen Roach (Norwood Paragon 1:09.47

<i>If you’d like more information on riding time trials go to the CTT website.</i>

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