3 February 2023

Norwood Paragon has updated its point scoring system and created a new prize fund structure for its 2023 evening time trial series. Four prizes will be awarded at the end of the year with male and female categories for both road and TT bikes. Open to members only (first and second claim) the total prize funs is over £340.

Regulations for NPCC summer evening time trial series

  • Four categories will be contested. Male, female, TT and Road bike
  • Points from a rider’s six best scoring events will make their overall total
  • The rider with the most points in each category is the winner
  • Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place in each category
  • A rider can ride as many counting events as they wish
  • All events listed here are counting events (plus Redhill TT interclub to be added)
  • Overall competition is open to NPCC members only (first and second claim
  • Definition of a road bike (in line with CTT regs)
    1. A bike with drop or straight handlebars and double triangle frame
    2. With no tri bars, clip on bars or spinacci bars attached to the handlebars
    3. No disc wheels (deep section wheels are allowed)
    4. Front and rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes
    5. 90mm is the maximum depth of the rim
    6. Helmets with tails are not allowed, aerodynamic clothing is allowed
  • Definition of a time trial bike is anything currently allowed in CTT events

Points structure for NPCC summer evening time trial series

1st – 10pts
2nd – 8pts
3rd – 7 pts
4th – 6 pts
5th – 5 pts
6th – 4 pts
7th – 3pts
8th – 2pts
9th – 1pt

Prizes for all four categories in NPCC summer evening time trial series

1st place overal – £50
2nd place overall – £25
3rd place overall – £10

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