10 July 2022

A new club record was set at the 100m TT champs in Cumbria today as Andy Critchlow, Chris Moores and Simon Warren took on the event. Andy Critchlow, recently back from Gravel Unbound in the US, was fastest with a ride of 3:34.22hr ride, which put him in seventh place overall. Chris Moores, riding on a road bike broke the four hour mark with an excellent time of 3:57.46hr.

Third counter was Simon Warren, also riding on a road bike, who clocked 4:14.54hr giving them a team time for 11:47.02hr. We’re waiting to hear whether or not that was enough to get them a medal in the team competition.

The former record set by Gethin Butler, Stephen Roach and Ross Barlett stood at 12:04.19hr from the late 1990s when they won the team prize at the national 100.

Congratulations to Andy, Chris and Simon, a great achievement and nice to see a record broken. We’re hoping for a report from one of our riders in the coming days.

If you’re new to cycling and fancy giving time trialling a go, you can join us for one of our summer evening TT’s.


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